Milanie Torralba on What You Need to Know About Facial Scrub

Lanelle Cleansing Scrub ad with modelFacial scrubs are an essential part of a skin care routine.  A facial scrub is usually a cream-based product that contains little exfoliating pieces that when massaged across the skin help smooth the skin by physically lifting off dry, dead skin cells.

Using a face wash with gentle scrub like Lanelle Cleansing Scrub adds a physical dimension to the cleansing process, making it more effective.

If you are young and mostly stay indoors, you can skip weekly scrubbing completely. Use a face mask once a week instead, to get going on the exfoliation.

However, if you are above 30 or spend considerable time in the sun or in traffic, then your skin definitely needs a weekly scrub and mask in addition to daily cleansing. This will keep your skin in top condition for years to come!

It is common to feel your skin is stretched, or dry, after you use a scrub for the first time, and that’s because your skin got exfoliated after a long time. And it possibly also scrubbed out the lipid layer that protects your skin from getting dry.  Use a moisturizer on your skin to re-hydrate it. After a few applications, your skin will feel soft and smooth.

What is the right way to scrub my face?
  • Wash your face with a gentle cleanser to remove topical (top layer dust) dirt and grime.

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  • Take out a little scrub in your palm, and start applying on a small section of your face like chin or forehead.
  • Massage your skin gently with the facial scrub for one minute. Move fingers upward- outward in small circular motion. You can start with the forehead, then move to the chin and then cheeks.  Be careful not to get the scrub in your eyes.
  • Do this for 2-3 mins (or follow pack instructions).
  • Wash face with running water and pat dry with soft towel.
  • Moisturize your skin.Even if you have oily or combination skin, moisturizing is a necessary part of a skin care routine, especially after exfoliating with a facial scrub. Moisturizing helps to prevent the overproduction of skin oils and keeps the skin healthy and well-balanced.

Lanelle tip:  It is a good idea to scrub in the evening. Our skin is very tender after scrubbing so it’s recommended to keep it away from sun-exposure for a few hours. If you have to scrub in the morning, use very good sun protection after the scrub.

Use the scrub only once or twice per week. It might be tempting to get that soft, glowing feeling every morning. However, using a facial scrub too often can peel away your delicate skin cells and leave you feeling red, raw, and sore. Try using the scrub only once a week at first; you can increase the frequency to twice a week if you feel like your skin can handle it.   Moderation is key to the effectiveness of a facial scrub.

The skin on the face is more delicate than skin on other parts of the body, and because the face sees a lot of wear and tear, it requires special attention when it comes to skin care. It is important to use scrubs made for use on the face, and not body exfoliating scrubs, some of which may be too harsh for use on the face.


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