Use Lanelle Milanie Torralba Melasma Kit!

Use Lanelle Melasma Kit, for even-toned, lighter, glowing, glass-like, and more beautiful facial skin.

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Remember to apply Lanelle Bleaching Cream on dark spots only, until your skin evens out with the rest of the facial skin color. Once you achieve EVEN skin tone, apply the cream all over the facial area.

If you already have an even skin tone, you may apply Lanelle Bleaching Cream all over the facial area.

Use Lanelle Bleaching Cream and Lanelle Black Soap only at night.

Always apply the Lanelle SBF (Sun Block Foundation) Collagen Cream after toner during day time, for sun protection. The cream has SPF30 (Sun Protection Factor 30), an appropriate amount needed by skin for everyday sun protection.

Use Lanelle Black Soap to wash your face at night, and Lanelle Kojic Soap at day time.

Apply the Lanelle Whitening Toner using cotton all over the face and neck area 2x a day.

Lanelle Whitening Toner helps eliminate skin imperfections and makes the skin resilient to external factors that can damage facial skin. This toner also prepares the skin to absorb Lanelle cream/serum/gel’s benefits, so this is highly recommended to be applied BEFORE applying any Lanelle solution/s.

Kindly follow the instructions.

Stay pretties, Lanellistas!❀️


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