Milanie Torralba on Peppermint Massage Oil Benefits

What Is Peppermint Oil?

Peppermint oil is derived from the leaves of the peppermint plant or Mentha pipertita, a hybrid of the water mint and spearmint plants, and M. arvensis var.piperascensa, a plant from the Labiatae family.

Benefits of using Peppermint Massage Oil:

Lanelle Peppermint Massage OilHeadaches

Peppermint oil may help relieve tension headache pain. For headache pain, try dabbing a few drops on your wrist or sprinkling a few drops on a cloth, then inhaling the aroma. You can also massage the oil directly onto your temples and forehead.

Muscle Pain

Peppermint is beneficial in addressing pain.  Try massaging its essential oil onto sore muscles or adding it to your bath water for muscle pain relief.

Pain relief:   The presence of calcium antagonism in peppermint oil helps remove pain from affected areas. It is also cooling in nature and is subsequently used to help reduce fever. It is frequently called a “refrigerant”, meaning that it can provide an intensely cold sensation to any affected area. In case of injury, wound, or healing process, topically apply peppermint oil to the area to reduce swelling, relieve pain, and eliminate the chances of uncomfortable inflammation.

Relief for Stomach Problems

Peppermint oil is a safe and effective alternative to medications like prescribed drugs usedin reducing colonic spasms.  It eases abdominal pain by allowing gas to pass through easily. Peppermint oil also provides relief for indigestion and upset stomach.

Respiratory Benefits

Peppermint oil can be used as an expectorant and decongestant. It can clear up phlegm in your respiratory tract when used as a chest rub or inhaled through a vaporizer.

Memory Problems

The aroma of peppermint has been shown to enhance memory and increase alertness


Peppermint oil is cooling and energizing.  Due to its energizing effects, peppermint oil is used to manage stress and treat nervous disorders and mental fatigue.

Like most other essential oils, peppermint is able to provide relief from stress, depression and mental exhaustion due to its refreshing nature.

It is also effective against anxiety and restlessness.

It stimulates mental activity, clears the mind, and increases focus on cognitive tasks.

Blood circulation

The stimulating effects of peppermint oil have been shown to increase blood circulation. Studies have shown that as soon as the essential oil vapor touches the end of the olfactory nerve endings, there is an almost instant increase in pulse rate and blood circulation. The stimulating effect of increased blood circulation helps to oxygenate the body’s organs and increase metabolism, as well as oxygenate the brain. This leads to higher cognitive function and protection against neurally degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. Furthermore, increased blood circulation can prevent diabetic patients from complications they are already at risk of due to their glucose level imbalances.

Skin care: Peppermint oil contains menthol, which is good for the skin because it creates a cooling sensation. Furthermore, it nourishes dull skin and improves the texture of oily or greasy skin.

Using Peppermint Oil in Massage

Massage is the most effective way to use peppermint oil to relieve muscle pain caused by too much strenuous activity. Massage warms the skin and the underlying muscles, and the manipulation of tissue disperses the lactic acid that causes the pain. The scent of the oils used enter the brain through the nose and the body through the skin and are carried right through the system in the circulation. states, “Manipulation of the muscles through massage aids in loosening and relaxing stiffened muscles.”

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