Melasma Solutions by Lanelle Milanie Torralba

Sa mga nagtatanong kung effective ba ang Lanelle Skin Care Melasma Treatment SOLUTIONS: Please be informed na bukod sa Lanelle Melasma Kit ay may follow up pa na Lanelle Peeling Kit Complete na iaapply every month along with the Lanelle Melasma Kit maintenance hanggang sa mawala ang inyong pekas.
NOTE and VERY IMPORTANT: Take a pic of your BEFORE and DURING and AFTER ng pag aapply para makita nio kung me progress and improvement. And please DO NOT USE any other brand on your skin while being treated by Lanelle products. 💖💜💖💜💖💜💖💜💖💜

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Bless and be blessed!

Lanelle Milanie Torralba


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