Kissable Lip Scrub by Lanelle Milanie Torralba

Lanelle Skin Care Kissable Lip Scrub
..makes your lips soft, smooth and kissable!
Removes the dead outer surface of your lips
Brings out new fresh layers, making lips soft, smooth, and yes, kissable
With a smooth surface, lip cosmetics will adhere longer on your lips
Makes lipsticks, lip liner, and lip gloss much more effective and long lasting
Lip exfoliation makes your lips more moist and retain its moisture longer; helping to prevent cracked lips

Apply a lip scrub on your lips and get moisturized lips, pronto!

Lip Scrub Usage and Procedures:
Apply Lanelle Kissable Lip Scrub at least twice a week, and more during cold months. It only takes a few minutes to scrub your lips, so doing it once, even twice a week, is very realistic. You can add it to your evening routine, or simply do it after you brush your teeth. With a lip scrub, achieving smooth, beautiful lips will always be within your reach.

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Bless and be blessed!

Lanelle Milanie Torralba


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