Milanie Torralba on How to Apply Eye Cream

Cathy Villamer Nazario1.Always just get a tiny amount, similar to a dot or a very small pea.

2.Place it on the fingertip particularly the ring finger where pressure is least and slowly dab around the areas of your eyes.

3.Gently tap and spread these areas and make sure they do not enter your eyes.

4.As the application is set, slowly apply and gently rub until all areas have been covered.

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Lanelle Eye Cream

  • does not simply moisturize the skin; it rehydrates the eyes giving then a healthy look; and it helps the skin retain moisture fast because of the cream texture
  • aids in reducing puffy eyes
  • lessens the dark circles around the eyes that are usually effects of lack of sleep, stress, diet, and aging
  • contains an effective combination of whitening and antioxidant ingredients that help the skin under your eyes get the nourishment that it needs


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