Milanie Torralba on How Sulfur Aids Eczema Natural Treatment

got eczemaSulfur is used for treating various skin conditions, apart from eczema, wherein some form of inflammation is indicated.

The curative properties of sulfur are attributed to the fact that sulfur:

• Has inflammation-reducing properties and the ability to improve overall circulation of bodily fluids.

• Disinfects blood by protecting the protoplasm found within red blood cells against toxins—sulfur is found in hemoglobin.

• Stimulates the secretion of bile that is necessary for the proper breakdown (metabolism) of toxic substances.

• Stimulates collagen formation, making the skin structurally stronger and better equipped to handle short intervals of dryness.

Apart from these, the most impressive feature of sulfur is its keratolytic properties—sulfur promotes natural exfoliation of the skin. This means that the dead skin cells plugging the skin’s pores are removed much faster, helping the skin to heal faster. This also prevents the buildup of bacterial infections in the skin. Some sulfur-based formulations are called sulphonamides. These are able to prevent the development of abscesses in scaly, inflamed skin and can treat seborrhea that is often found during eczema breakouts.

People suffering from eczema are recommended sulfur-based treatments and sulfur supplementation.
This can be done through:
Natural Sulfur Supplementation
Various foods that are known to contain traces of sulfur can be eaten regularly. This includes foods like:
• Fish
• Wheat germ
• Garlic
• Cabbage
• Dried beans
• Soy beans
• Brussel sprouts
• Eggs
• Turnips
• Onions

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