Clinique Happy Women Decant by Lanelle Scents

A hint of citrus. The wealth of flowers. A mix of emotions.

Fragrances have long been proven to change one’s mood. Clinique has perfected the very essence of happiness and distilled it into a vibrant elixir that is Happy Eau de Parfum for Women. Wear it and be happy.

Clinique Happy is a fragrance of a thousand smiles, the essence of a little child’s pure unadulterated hearty laugh, and the comfort of a lazy sunny morning.

A vivacious mix of apple, blood grapefruit, plum, bergamot, indian mandarin, and orange welcomes one’s senses as it leads you to a chorus composed of rose, lily of the valley, freesia, and orchid. Finally mellows down to a crescendo of musk, amber, magnolia, lily and mimosa leaving you with a vibrant aura of effervescent joy.

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Bless and be blessed!

Lanelle Milanie Torralba