Soaps Recommended by Milanie Torralba

Strongly recommended Lanelle Soaps for the FACE:

Black Soap – skin whitening; Use only at night.
Glycolic Soap – moisturizing; with exfoliating effect
Collagen Soap – for younger skin
Transparent Soap – hypo-allergenic; moisturizing
Tretinoin Soap – anti-wrinkle
Tea Tree Soap – anti-bacterial; anti-fungi; anti-acne

So kung mapansin nio, mga clear soaps sila.

  • EXCEPTION: for MELASMA treatments, me mga iba pang Lanelle soaps na pwede gamitin tulad ng Lanelle Kojic Soap; Lanelle Triple Strength Soap; Lanelle Glutathione Soap; Lanelle InstaWhite Soap, etc.