Milanie Torralba is NOT a Scammer and Lanelle is NEVER a Scam

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Milanie Torralba started Lanelle, a skin care brand that delivers only the finest and high quality beauty solutions, in 2005.   Milanie was able to enter the wellness industry with welcoming arms of amazed and satisfied Lanelle clients.

Lanelle’s first products were Lanelle Beauty Kit and soaps like Lanelle Kojic Soap and Lanelle Transparent Soap, etc..  Milanie Torralba’s Lanelle Beauty Kit is now popularly known as Lanelle Basic Kit, so as not to identify this Lanelle derma set as feminine, because this is suited for all sexes.

Milanie Torralba started Lanelle Skin Care as direct sales, until a friend suggested to adopt the network marketing business type to accelerate the company sales and growth.

Milanie Torralba accepted the challenge and accepted investors in, but due to unfortunate incident, Lanelle company was invaded by hoax networkers who promised Milanie Torralba that they will help her Lanelle company grow.  On the contrary, however, these networkers plotted framed stories against Milanie Torralba, even tried to use media connections to bring Milanie down.  These incidents alarmed the investors, provoking them to go against Milanie Torralba, too, because they were made to believe that way.  These created company chaos and downfall, making it difficult for Milanie Torralba’s Lanelle to earn for the company, so much so for the investors.

Milanie Torralba’s Lanelle loyal clients fought for her since they know that their accusations, which included “Milanie Torralba is a scammer” or that “Lanelle is a scam”, are NOT TRUE.

These perpetrators, later was found out, tried to put up a competition against Lanelle company, making a press release that their new brand is the new name of Lanelle, since clients of Lanelle only trust LANELLE brand, but to no avail.  The perpetrators later dissolved their company.

Thanking God for all the strength and guidance, Milanie Torralba still managed to continue Lanelle.

Milanie Torralba has been experiencing lots of media bullying, destroying her name, and Lanelle.

In spite of these, Milanie Torralba is still trying to recover from all these pains, and believes that Lanelle will soar higher in the soonest possible future.

Right now, Lanelle is still hailed as one of the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE skin care products in the country.

God is with us, Ms. Milanie Torralba.
Power to you and Lanelle!!!