Wash Your Face Twice a Day

Going to bed with a face full of makeup is one of the worst things you can do for your complexion. Your makeup – plus the oil your face produces naturally and pollutants you pick up during the day – can clog pores, resulting in breakouts, a dull complexion, and even accelerated aging.

Rather than using a harsh scrub to scour the heck out of your face, there’s a better way: double-cleansing. Yes, it means washing your face twice.

You should wash your face twice a day: Once in the morning when you wake up to remove the dirt and bacteria that gathers on your face while you’re sleeping, then again at night to take off makeup and the grime collected throughout the day.

Massage the oil cleanser onto dry skin in a gentle upward motion, NEVER downwards, because you don’t want to help gravity.

Let skin dry, then apply Lanelle Skin Care products, which will be more effective now that you’ve cleared your skin of dirt and dead skin cells.

Pick the right cleanser: Depending on your skin type, you need to pick a pH-balanced cleanser that’s perfect for your face. You may use Lanelle Skin Care’s clear facial soaps (Lanelle Transparent Soap; Lanelle Collagen Soap; Lanelle Tretinoin Soap; Lanelle Tea Tree Soap; etc., depending on your skin type and condition) or the mildest: Lanelle Cleansing Soap.

Make sure your hands are clean before washing your face.
It’s simple: Dirty hands mean that you’re trying to cleanse your skin with, well, dirty hands. Wash your hands first, then wash your face.

wash face

When you are Lanelle user, you will never need a washcloth when washing your face. Washcloths can re-deposit dirt and grime right back to your skin. Remember, it’s your face, not a dirty pan that’s been sitting in your sink for two days. Be gentle. Use the Lanelle soap and wash with your bare hands. With your hands, you know how much pressure you’re using, but with cloth and such, you can be too rough.

Use lukewarm water to ensure that your skin remains hydrated and unaffected. Lanelle strongly recommends happy medium for best results: Not too hot, not too cold.

Don’t over-exfoliate: Be gentle with your face. A lot of people exfoliate their skin with a bit too much gusto with scrubs and exfoliants. You also want to avoid using harsh grains and use a gentle scrub like Lanelle Cleansing Scrub if you have sensitive skin, so you don’t cause damage to the skin.

Make sure to cleanse your face completely. Rinse any cleanser or soap off completely. Residue can lead to dryness.

Twice a day, no exceptions: Most people don’t wash their face enough.💖💚💖💚💖💚💖💚💖💚

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